Faith Filled Doula Support

Helping women realize the miracle of life.

Faith Filled Doula Support

Helping women realize the miracle of life.

Birth is an amazing journey! It is physical, emotional and spiritual. It is powerful and life changing. 

As a doula it is my honor to attend and support women and families in so many ways.

Before and during labor I offer informational, emotional, and physical support, helping her to navigate the changes and choices of birth today. I bring many skills and tools to your birth, including massage, positioning and comfort measures to support your labor. 

My postpartum doula support service enables every family to begin this new chapter of life in the light of Faith, knowing birth is designed by God to bring us closer to Him.

Birth has always been a big part of my life as the mother of 10 and as I attended my sisters and daughters in labor. I see in birth such a beautiful demonstration of love. The love of a mother as she uses her strength; love of a partner in support of labor; and love of God for us as we travel through the whole process. I am blessed with the beautiful opportunity to help others welcome the precious gift of new life into this world.

My life is guided by Catholic faith, marriage, and my life’s vocation of motherhood. I am DONA trained and certified through the Catholic Doula Program as both a birth and postpartum doula. I am an ALPP certified Lactation Couselor.

Christian Birth and Postpartum Support for Northern Colorado

Caring and compassionate support every step of the way from pregnancy to postpartum easing the transition into the new family you are meant to be!

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Lactation Counseling

My lactation counseling offers breastfeeding guidance and support from first feeding through the months and years until your breastfeeding journey is complete.   Latch, positioning and supply issues, weaning.

I'm here to help you find the right blend of support for your growing family.

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Testimonials Joy and Grace

I was so blessed to have Koko as my doula. Her knowledge and experience was so helpful and I have no idea how we would've gotten through this as smoothly without her. She is so supportive and understanding and we prayed together when things got intense and I wanted to pray.  My labor was such a beautiful experience and having Koko made the world of a difference. She genuinely loves and cares for the mommas she works for! She is a blessing!


"From our very first meeting Koko was kind, gentle, and informative.   She helped guide my husband to find ways to comfort me without him taking away from my focus.
Her understanding of the joys and challenges of childbirth cannot be matched! Koko has an understanding of how amazing bringing a child into this world is; she can encompass that joy while also being honest, informative, and preparing you for the realities of this experience. "

"Koko was our doula for my VBAC in May 2021. She is simply amazing!!  From my first prenatal visit to my postpartum visit, she was exactly what our family needed. My birth threw us for a loop as labor came on so quickly that I didn't even make it to my planned hospital! Koko talked me through my early and active labor.  She kept me sane through the pushing and rush of everything. She truly cares and wants the best birth experience for you."

"I was so happy I chose Koko to be our doula! I was on the fence about needing one, but she really set my mind at ease and helped lessen any worry I had about birth. She encapsulated my placenta for me too. I felt much more comfortable having her be the one to do that than a big facility.  She really helped relieve any stress or anxiety I had when having my second child. I wish I had hired her the first time as well!"

Life is a Gift! Birth is Glorious!

We can begin your beautiful birth story today.

First things first:  Start the conversation with a free discovery call. Reach out using the contact form to get started.

Moving forward:  Decide on the level of support you want.

Be at peace:  Enjoy your pregnancy as we work together to make your birth beautiful.

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